HOPI Systems, Inc.
Connect. Create. Transact. Transform.


Now that you know what we do, a few words about our roots.


HOPI is what happens when 20+ years of experience in aerospace manufacturing meets innovation. Our mission is to connect, create, transact, and transform the way your data interacts across your organization.

The company was founded in Southern California by Leonard Hoskins, a veteran of aerospace manufacturing with a background in solving complex IT issues for one of the largest companies in the world. He initially tackled the challenge of creating a faster and more reliable process to connect and transact in large databases from one platform to another. This led to the creation of the HOPI platform, which is now the basis of solutions for many clients both in the private and public business sectors.

With Offices in the Los Angeles Metro Area and Salt Lake City Metro Area, HOPI’s clients are as established and diverse as the data we connect.


About our name

The HOPI name hearkens back to the Hopi people of Northeastern Arizona.

The word Hopi means: behaving as one, one who is mannered, civilized, peaceable, polite. The Hopi nation was traditionally surrounded by several other first nation peoples. This means the Hopi Nation had to learn to interact with several other people, all while remaining peaceful and cooperative.

Today, HOPI Systems strives to live up to it’s namesake by facilitating data transactions, exchanges, and visualization in companies with multi-system environments.