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The Connected Business


Time and data have become prime commodities in today’s companies. HOPI accelerates time to insight by rapidly integrating data from any source and displaying it on any device, mobile or not, so you can see your data in REAL-TIME. This puts hundreds of drilldown reports connected to all your data at your fingertips. Think about this: analysts and developers no longer have to source, integrate, and clean data on their own or wait for data scientists to do the work. What would you do with better insights AND more time?

Digital Transformation

360º customer data about what matters, so your business can compete with speed and agility

Most enterprises are going through some form of digital transformation: to better serve customers, combat fraud or reduce operational expense. A major barrier to many transformations is that data is stored in a mix of old and new technologies that are not integrated. HOPI provides a way to rapidly create 360º views of data across disparate IT ecosystems (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and more) with a modern, distributed Software-as-a-Service platform that can start powering your digital transformation initiatives in just weeks.


Micro Applications

Reduce your time to market from months to days with micro applications

Harnessing the power of micro applications means HOPI can deliver a faster time to market and greater agility to respond to changes. The problem is your data isn’t on the same page…its locked in 10’s or 100’s of systems with data models designed for the past. HOPI eliminates this problem, giving you real-time access to the data you need, the way you need it, regardless of the source.

Harmonized Reporting and Analytics

HOPI gives you all the data you need. The way you need it. In weeks, not years

In the past, Business and IT have often been at odds. IT wants a single version of the truth. Business just wants to be able to get the job done. HOPI’s data virtualization creates a logical view of disparate data and eliminates the need to always have to physically consolidate. No more costly cycles of change requests and report updating. You don’t need to wait days or weeks to get those numbers from your resident data scientist. HOPI provides all the information you need, in a harmonized UI, in real-time. THAT’S how you have your cake and eat it too.  


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