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Drowning in Data and Starving for Insight?

For the past twenty years, companies have been adding solution after solution to their legacy system in the hopes of creating not only an efficient but a connected business. The result is an endlessly diverse data and IT environment that requires an ever-changing pool of knowledge and allocation of resources just to keep the wheels of business moving. The modern digital company has to find ways to fight conformity to keep operations moving towards the new digital age, harmonize disparate and disconnected data that is growing by terabytes each year, and turn all this ever-growing, ever-changing data into actionable insight in real time. All while maintaining and, hopefully, simplifying the tangle of wires of the present IT ecosystem.



“If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up as a software and analytics company.”

-Jeff Imault, CEO GE


The question is not whether or not your business will go through a digital transformation. Rather, it is a matter of when and how an organization plans to do it. Resource-intensive solutions with months or years-long implementation do not make sense for most businesses. The extended process coupled with the traditionally high cost of a large-scale project takes digital transformation off the table before a company has seriously considered all their options.


Like finding a needle in several haystacks


Companies are struggling to automate data blending and visualization without relying on resource-intensive, hard to replicate processes. Those companies that do find a way to elegantly marry the form and function of their data struggle to scale this process. In other words, some businessses have the data to facilitate insights that matter but spend too much time mining data from system to system to come up with insights on-the-fly.


How can you turn inactive data into ACTIVE data?


Suppose you are one of the lucky few that have a data harmonization and visualization process in place. You may have successfully broken down data silos but now you have the time-consuming task of manually creating transactions between all your data sources. A lot can happen between insight and action and many companies are finding it harder and harder to allocate time and resources to tasks that could feasibly be performed by a micro application.